1. Shopping(쇼핑영어)

물건 살때

  • Q) Can i help you?
  • Q) What can i do for you?
  • Q) Do you have any particular style in mind?

내가 대답할 때

  • I’m looking for a shirt.
  • 둘러보고 있는 중이에요.
  • I’m just looking around.
  • I’m just browsing. thanks.
  • Where’s the women’s clothing section? / 여성복 매장은 어디예요?

사이즈 관련

  • Q) Do you have this in medium/ in size eight?
  • Q) Does this/it come in pink?

입어봐도 될까요?

  • Q) Is it possible to try it on?
  • Q) Can i try on this shirt / shoes?
  • Q) Can i get a refund for this?

yes,we can give you a refund.

다른 종류를 물을때.

이것보다 한치수 작은 사이즈 보여주시겠어요?

  • Do you show me a this in a smaller size?

더 큰 사이즈를 보여 주시겠어요?

  • Will you show me a larger/smaller size?

같은 모양으로 다른 사이즈 있어요?

  • Do you have the same kind in different sizes?

이런 종류로 다른 거 있습니까?

  • What else do you have of this kind?
  • Where can i find the same item / thing / like this
  • Where can i find more thing like this

갈색으로 같은 사이즈는 없어요?

  • Do you have the same size in brown?

이것으로 다른 색상도 있습니까?

  • Do you have the same kind in different color?

진열된거랑 같은걸로 주세요

  • Would you show me a same one on display?

좀 더 싼거 있어요?

  • Do you have anything cheaper?
  • May I see less expensive one?


  • Q) Do I have to pay for the shipping / 배송비를 내야 하나요?
  • Q) I’d like to get a refund. They were too small.
  • Q) I sent the jeans back and got a refund.
  • Q) The quility was much lower than I expected (내가 기대한것 보다)
    • A) We don’t got a refunds. / 점원이 반품이 안된다고 말할수 있다.

-Q) Can I exchange this for a another one?
-Q) I sent it back because quality was not satisfying.

  • A) Ok.You can exchane it.

-Q) I’d like to exchange this for another one.
-Q) I’d like to exchange the bag I bought.

  • A) I’m sorry Exchanges are not allowed.

결제 관련해서

  • Do you want to pay in installments or in full?
    • (할부로 하시겠어요, 일시불로 하시겠어요?)
  • I prefer paying in full to paying in installments. / 할부보다 일시불을 선
  • I will pay cash Here it is.
  • May I bring it back if there is something wrong with it?
  • May i bring it back? / Is it returnable?

  • Where do I pay ? / 어디다 돈을 지불하지요

  • Where is the check-out counter / 계산은 어디서 하지요
  • Please give me a receipt. / Let me have a receipt, please
  • I think you made a mistake in this bill / 이 계산이 틀린 것 같은데요

중요 – 잔돈 있으세요? 라고 점원이 물어볼 수 있다.

  • Do you have anything smaller than that?

거스름 돈이 틀린것 같은데요?

  • I’m sorry but I think this change is wrong
  • I think there is a mistake.

기타 질문 사항?

영업 시간이 몇 시까지죠 ?

  • How late are you open (today)?
  • What are your hours?

주차증 주세요

  • I need parking validation please.

포장해 주세요

  • Wrap it please , Gift-wrapping please.

이거 세탁기 돌려도 되나요?

  • Is this machine-washable?

물건 깎을때

  • Could you give me a discount?
  • Would you come down a little bit please?

할인해 주면 3개 살께요

  • I’ll take three of them if i can get a discount.

20 달러에 주면 살께요

  • I’ll take it if it’s 20 dollars.

이거 낱개로 살수 있나요?(묶여있는것)

  • Can you break up the set?